WHERE Paris, France (notionally)
DESCRIPTION high-end boutique hotel design

This is a conceptual interiors project dedicated to my Bachelors’ Thesis, from 2007-2008. Part of my program’s-wishes required:

DESIGN DRIVERS… I lusted to experience something that is impossible at home—to be shocked and inspired by it… to create a saucy hotel for the saucy-hotel-guest in this divulging era… to be non-branded, offering guests a unique, educational, contextual, luxurious, memorable and visually stimulating experience.

CITY OF LIGHTS… J’IRAI COMME UN CHEVAL FOU (I WALK LIKE A CRAZY HORSE – HOTEL) is situated among Paris’s Rue Montorgueil’s neighborhood. The small section of the Chatelet-Les Halles district is located at the city center and a 5-minute stroll to the Louvre, Galleries La Fayette and the Notre Dame. I was given the actual floor plan of the 5500 meters (18,000 sq. ft.), existing building which my abstract concept would be renovated upon, concentrating on 1800 meters (6,000 sq. ft.) of the space.

An offbeat technique to render the buildings elevations using photographs pen & ink, and lastly, watercolor...

MY (CHOSEN, THEORETICAL) CLIENT… Swiss Hotelier, Urs Karli sets a new benchmark for the trend-oriented trade. He does not simply want guests to sleep or eat in his hotels… he wants them to be welcomed by consciously understated corridors, awakening boundless curiosity.

Owner of The Hotel in Lucerne, Switzerland, Karli hired French Architect, Jean Nouvel to create a less-than-typical hotel experience. Film scenes of 25 films from Nouvel’s personal background provoke interactivity and stimulate interactivity at the same time.

3D CONCEPTUALIZATION… These 16 faces of origami are dynamic—yet—simple fragments of a whole. As each face unfolds, a piece of mystery and complexity is revealed, layer upon layer… room by room. For J’IRAI COMME UN CHEVAL FOU, layers are revealed through the quilt-like floor plan. Each room is a unique fragment of a visually stimulating, comfortable and qualitative experience.

MY SOLUTION… Paintings, sculpture, installations, books, done by a novel Artists influence the hotel and it’s individual suites... From the painters of Goya to Bosch to the authors of Dahl to Austen… original pieces or books or what-have-you are exhibited amidst the hotel and it’s personalized suites. Each space is designed according to the time the chosen piece was completed, or the atmosphere of the time that the particular Artist was surrounded by, or done a style reminiscent to the pieces’ expression.

Notebook pages from my research and thought-process muse conceptual designs for J’IRAI COMME UN CHEVA L FOU…

Salvadore Dalí’s extensive symbolism was inspiration for the hotel’s bar and lounge. For instance, the reoccurring soft watches that first appeared in his hallmark piece, The Persistence of Memory suggest Einstein's theory that time is relative and not fixed. The idea for clocks functioning symbolically in this way came to Dalí when he was staring at a melting piece of Camembert cheese on a hot day in August. Equally inspired by the unusual, this space parallels his affinity for distorting reality, where the observer reflects a sense of phantom existence and profound emotion through a canvas — here, upon an obscure floor plan and pattern. The viewer observes an encumbrance of traditional check pattern, “stretched” around curved walls, as if amid the paradigm of a cinematic fish-eye lens. This notion is coupled with enigmatic overtones of illogical installations… a “pile” of random furnishings leaning on one another, affixed vertically the corner wall, defying gravity and flooding out of the windows, like escapees. Potential “table-lamps” sliced-in-half act as ambient sconces, while a piano and pair of Bergere’s extrude halfway out of the nearby walls.

Conceptual rendering; pen, ink, watercolor, by hand...

A screenshot of my project; featured on Savannah College of Art and Design’s Building-Arts Department segment of their website (2008).


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